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Your carbon offsets are within reach.

Digital Carbon Bank: The Real Standard

Join the carbon registry you can trust.
Verified projects.
Unique, serialized credit tokens.
Secure, indelible transactions.

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Our projects are climate positive. Project life cycles are net carbon negative. Project emissions are less than the CO₂ that is captured and stored.


Our projects are wallet friendly. Our projects make a meaningful, affordable contribution to reversing climate change. Choose the projects that fit your goals and your budget.


Our projects support local communities. Proceeds from our projects' sales flow back to the project creators. The creators in turn continue to fight climate change through existing and new projects.


Our projects support social equity. With project proceeds, project creators pursue prosocial activities in their communities for the greater good.

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You are committed to our environment. You have reduced your carbon footprint. Now, you can purchase carbon offsets to further limit your impact on our planet.


Get Started

Digital Carbon Bank makes it easy to register and begin your carbon offsetting journey.

Included Features

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A Unique Platform

Carbon Offset Credits as Tokens

The Digital Carbon Bank platform issues distinctive, audit-worthy carbon credits as fully traceable tokens tied to verified offset projects. Market-leading companies purchase the tokens in accordance with their Environmental, Social & Governance strategies. Join us and easily buy and sell the tokens which use Web 4.0 Blockchain technology for data integrity and immutability that proves both ownership and in turn retirement of credits. 

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