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We create blockchain-based offsets for voluntary markets that tie cryptocurrency to specific emission-reducing projects, then use credible hard-tech measurement technologies and GHG accounting to validate real emission reductions.

The focus on transparency and credibility provides a higher value credit on a platform to trade credits in real time.

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Helping Solve Climate Change

Transforming the Carbon Offset Market

To overcome the pervasive challenges of the existing carbon offset market, investors require transparency and credibility on what they purchased and what was the actual environmental impact of their investment. To create an offset token that is transparent, credible, and investible, the DCB believes that the following key criteria are essential:

  • Clear legal ownership rights to the offset token

  • Verification that offset physically exists and did what was promised

  • Verification that offset meets audit and accounting standards for ESG reporting

  • Investors can choose where the credit came from, either project-specific, by project type or by geographic location

  • Easily accessible ledger identifying which project-specific tokens were burned. This is important for reporting offsetting in specific locations for ESG reporting.

  • Regeneration and negative emission projects are required to show transparency and credibility of the project, particularly that the project was not already under development or in deployment.

Emission Reductions

The Digital Carbon Bank validates real emission reductions using hard-tech Measurement, Monitoring and Verification technologies, GHG accounting and high-tech blockchain to create robust emission offsets. 

Community  Access
To Investment

Inclusive platform welcomes project delivery organizations (including small companies, Indigenous and Not-for-Profit organizations), allowing for open and competitive access to investment in environmentally beneficial projects in local communities. 



Tokenization allows offset tracking to specific environmental projects, allowing investors and emitters to fund and market projects in specific communities in which they operate. 


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Carbon Offset Project Areas





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Technology Solutions

Technology solutions include Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS), bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) and direct air capture (DAC). Technology solutions rely on geological storage of CO2 for large-scale carbon removal and could play a significant role in clean energy transitions. Other technology options include implementation of renewable power and energy efficiency, emission reduction projects, etc.

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Enhanced Natural Processes

Enhanced natural processes include land management approaches to increase the carbon content in soil through modern farming methods. This can incorporate the addition of biochar (charcoal produced from biomass) to soils, where the carbon can remain stored for hundreds or thousands of years. Less developed approaches include enhanced weathering to accelerate natural processes that absorb CO2.

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Nature-Based Solutions

Nature-based solutions include afforestation and reforestation. These involve the repurposing of land use by growing forests where there was none before (afforestation) or re-establishing a forest where there was one in the past (reforestation). Other nature-based solutions include restoration of coastal and marine habitats to ensure they continue to draw CO2 from the air.


We Care About 4 Key Things

Climate Benefit

The lifecycle of the project is net carbon negative (i.e., emissions from the project < CO₂ that is captured and stored)


The project/solution has the potential to make a meaningful contribution to reversing climate change, and at an affordable price in the longer-term

Voluntary Market Support is Necessary for Implemenetation

Project economics rely on revenue from carbon credit sales


Projects that support social equity and provide other environmental benefits

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